Corporate Social Responsibility

Our contribution to society

As an organization, we place much value on empathy and community engagement.

Creative Kids Foundation

Community engagement and Development is carried out through the CREATIVE KIDS FOUNDATION

Some of the activities we engage in include:

  • Counselling and Coaching for Emotional and Mental Wellness.
  • Empowering children through creating awareness for Renewable Energy.
  • Engaging children in our signature Mathscraft projects (combining Mathematics, Art & Craft).
  • Space Science.
  • ICT.
  • Sports.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Etiquettes etc.

Vocational skills for women and youth include: Basket Weaving, Fashion Designing, Baking & Cooking etc).


On our quest to build capacity for children, youth and women, some of the organisations we have collaborated with include;

The South Korean Cultural Centre

The Universal Basic Education Board

The Irish Embassy through their Irish Aid Initiative

Association of Spouses of Heads of Mission (ASOHOM)

Neca’s Network of Entrepreneurial Women (NNEW)

At various times we have organised trainings, workshops and competitions for children in public and private schools within the Federal Capital Territory – Abuja

Some of our programs and workshops include:


“Education for Renewable Energy” was sponsored by the Irish Aid (an initiative of the Irish Embassy) and was a collaboration between IC7, an ICT hub and the Creativekids Foundation

Science students from secondary schools across the FCT were engaged through practical, creative and innovative activities on renewable energy with the use of solar and wind turbine demonstration kits purchased from EcoStyle Limited, England.

The finale of the program was marked with an Inter School innovative style competition on Renewable Energy. This was a pilot program.

Our signature MATHSCRAFT workshops which focuses on building numeracy skills in children.

The curriculum is crossed between Mathematics, Art and Craft.

Basic mathematics concepts and principles are creatively explored and reinforced with the aim of making mathematics less intimidating and more friendly to children who get to understand and appreciate the relevance of mathematics in everyday life activities such as cooking, dancing, music, sports, shopping budgeting spending and saving pocket money.

We have also organised workshops in the Creative Arts for children, activities included Chess, Music, Public Speaking and Poetry.

The CreativeKids Foundation continues to empower youth and women with Culinary Skills.

In the future, we will be organising gender-sensitive STEM workshops.

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CreativeKids Foundation is an NGO initiative that has an objective to engage children, young people and women through STEM, Creative Arts and vocational skills acquisition programs.

Last year, we organized a program tagged “Education for Renewable Energy”. This was sponsored by the Irish Aid (an initiative of the Irish Embassy) and entailed the engagement of secondary schools located across the FCT as a pilot program. The program engaged the science students in these schools through a hands on enlightenment on renewable energy with the use of Solar and Wind turbine demonstration kits purchased from EcoStyle Limited, England.

The finale of the program was marked with an inter school innovative styled competition on renewable energy.

Day: 20th Thursday February, 2020

Time: 11 a.m. – 1:30 o.m.

Venue: IC7 Africa, No. 18 Manzini Street, Wuse, Zone 4. Abuja

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